Here at MaxAB, we are re-engineering the food and grocery market, using data-driven technologies and state of the art supply chains. By consolidating the supply chain process, we are able to offer not only better prices but improve the way retailers manage their business.

After a successful seed funding of $6.2 million dollars, this made one of the largest seed rounds ever raised by a MENA start-up in 2019. Since then, the team at MaxAB has achieved monthly double-digit growth, and 22,000+ retailers all while developing world tech solutions to help technology-deprived areas.

Our MaxAB talents are dedicated to upholding the MaxAB culture and values all while continuing to grow and improve services for our clients. They are innovating new ways to help improve the quality of life of the Egyptian retailer and soon to other retailers globally.

We are looking for someone who can:

  • Manage supplier experience with MaxAB on Weekly & Daily horizon Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Receive the Weekly plan from S&OP Leader, Ensure Capacity plans are met.
  • Manage & Create the daily warehouse receiving plan, to ensure Commercial planning abide by it.
  • Measure the daily & weekly performance of suppliers (adherence to plan).

  • Manage D+1 Order Cycle:
  1. Calculate the daily receiving capacity based on warehouse capacity & align it with the Commercial Planning team.
  2. Communicate the available receiving slots & capacity to Commercial Planning, based on Actual Ops constraints.
  3. Revise CP & purchasing Orders capacity.
  4. Manage Supplier Scheduling at Peaks: at unplanned peaks, Lead the critical actions & priorities between hubs & CP to smooth operations.

  • Lead daily receiving cycle with the Inbound planners:
    1. Measure warehouse adherence to receiving SOPs.
    2. Measure & analysis suppliers scheduling with Purchasing team.
    3. Measure & analysis suppliers' waiting time & offloading performance.
    4. Measure & analysis total supplier receiving time, including accountants, Report daily PO/Pr, vs. plan adherence & unplanned events.

    • Required Skills/Abilities:
      1. Ability to work in our warehouses
      2. Good with numbers and analysis
      3. Time management skills
      4. Good communication skills

      • Education and Experience:
        1. At least 1 year of experience in operations/supply chain.
        2. Bachelor's degree from an accredited university.