Here at MaxAB, we are re-engineering the food and grocery market, using data-driven technologies and state of the art supply chains. By consolidating the supply chain process, we are able to offer not only better prices, but improved the way retailers manage their business.

MaxAB, has secured $40 million in a Series A round, bringing the company’s total investment to date to over $60 million. MaxAB is serving over 55,000 retailers and fulfilled more than 1 million orders. It has grown more than five times year on year.

Our MaxAB talent are dedicated to uphold the MaxAB culture and values all while continuing to grow and improve services for our clients. They are innovating new ways to help improve the quality of life of the Egyptian retailer and soon to other retailers globally.

If you are passionate about working hard to make an impact and innovate new solutions, MaxAB is looking for top talent.

Job Summary

The Field Researcher will:

• Collect, edit, process, and coordinate research data in support of a specified research study or group of studies.

• Arrange and conduct field interviews as appropriate to the study, and record research data in accordance with specified protocol and procedures.

• Travel to various sites within a specified geographical area, as appropriate to the objectives of the study.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conducts and records face-to-face interviews with retailers in the field of (FMCG), in accordance with predetermined interview protocol, data collection procedures, and documentation standards.
  • Collects data from the store owner from inside the store, classifying stores according to activity and area and being responsible for the data collected from the field in terms of quality and accuracy of information.
  • Travels to field sites to collect and record data and/or samples as appropriate to the specific objectives of the study.
  • Reviews and edits data to ensure completeness and accuracy of information; follows up with subjects to resolve problems or clarify data collected.

What we look for:

• 1 year of relevant experience.

• Interviewing and data collection skills.

• Good communication skills.

• Good interpersonal skills.

• Experience in market research is preferred.

• Flexible with working outdoors.