Founded in 2018, MaxAB is a rapidly growing food and grocery B2B e-commerce and distribution platform that serves a network of traditional retailers (mom-and-pop stores) across the MENA region. Using proprietary technology, MaxAB offers a transformative pull-driven supply chain and a tech-product that empowers both traditional retailers and suppliers. MaxAB offers traditional retailers the simplicity of dealing with one supplier, transparent pricing, on-demand delivery, and a range of value-added and embedded finance solutions. Suppliers benefit from MaxAB’s end-to-end supply chain solutions and business intelligence tools that allow them to accurately predict, monitor, and control the impact of their strategies in real time.

Our MaxAB talent is dedicated to uphold the MaxAB culture and values all while continuing to grow and improve services for our clients. They are innovating new ways to help improve the quality of life of the Egyptian retailer and soon to other retailers globally.

If you are passionate about working hard to make an impact and innovate new solutions, MaxAB is looking for top talent.

Job Summary:

We have a strong desire to continuously improve and make an impact through collaboration and faster feedback loops. We are obsessed about investing our time in what really matters: making our customers happy in the most effective way. To achieve this, we are transitioning our engineering culture and practices to align with eXtreme Programming (XP) and best Software Craftsmanship practices in the industry. We are seeking a seasoned individual in these practices who can lead and drive this transition from the trenches acting as a role model, leveling up the team skills and helping setting the proper growth mindset.

Although this role is primarily remote, the ideal candidate must reside within a maximum of 2 hours of the Cairo time zone and be open to occasional in-person collaboration with the team.


  • Serve as a technical leader and mentor for the engineering team, helping to foster a culture of excellence in technical craftsmanship and XP practices, such as Test-Driven Development, Pair and Mob Programming, Trunk Based Development, Continuous Refactoring, and Simple Design.
  • Optimize the team's productivity by promoting the concept of limiting work in progress (WIP) and reducing the size of work items to enable quicker feedback and learning opportunities, while prioritizing team members' availability over their utilization.
  • Drive technical innovation and continuously evaluate emerging technologies to ensure the team is utilizing the most effective tools and practices.
  • Work closely with product owners, designers, and other stakeholders to define and refine requirements and ensure that the team is delivering high-quality software that meets business needs.
  • Collaborate with the engineering manager and other senior leaders to establish technical vision and strategy for the organization.
  • Coach and mentor junior engineers, helping them develop technical skills and encouraging them to adopt XP practices and Lean and Agile methodologies.
  • Participate in code reviews and ensure that engineering standards and best practices are being followed across the team.
  • Continuously evaluate the team's technical skills and identify areas for improvement, providing guidance and training as needed.
  • Participate in hiring and onboarding of new engineers, ensuring that they are set up for success and able to contribute to the team's success.
  • Lead by example in demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and growth, both for yourself and for the team as a whole.


  • Bachelor's degree in CS or equivalent practical experience.
  • 8+ years work experience in software development, including experience in one of the following languages Java, Nodejs or golang.
  • Strong Teamwork and communication skills are a must.
  • Knowledge of Lean and Agile methodologies to streamline processes and improve flow efficiency.
  • Deep hands-on knowledge of Software Craftsmanship and XP practices: TDD, TBD, Pair and Mob-programming, Continuous Refactoring, Simple Design.
  • Knowledge of distributed systems concepts, e.g. scaling, consistency and availability tradeoffs.
  • Experience in Fintech / Banking is a plus