Founded in 2018, MaxAB is a rapidly growing food and grocery B2B e-commerce and distribution platform that serves a network of traditional retailers (mom-and-pop stores) across the MENA region. Using proprietary technology, MaxAB offers a transformative pull-driven supply chain and a tech-product that empowers both traditional retailers and suppliers. MaxAB offers traditional retailers the simplicity of dealing with one supplier, transparent pricing, on-demand delivery, and a range of value-added and embedded finance solutions. Suppliers benefit from MaxAB’s end-to-end supply chain solutions and business intelligence tools that allow them to accurately predict, monitor, and control the impact of their strategies in real time.

Our MaxAB talents are dedicated to upholding the MaxAB culture and values all while continuing to grow and improve services for our clients. They are innovating new ways to help improve the quality of life of the Egyptian retailer and soon to other retailers globally.

Program Overview:

MaxAB’s Internship Program is a 3-months program focused on growing high potential talents by developing their skills through intense technical training.

We are looking for dynamic and energetic interns who are eager to learn about MaxAB. In this position, you will be expected to learn the ins-and-outs of our daily routines and procedures. You will focus on learning how MaxAB’s Tech Function runs.

In this internship, you will advance your professional preparation through work experiences. The benefits of the internship experience are development of task skills in a specific functional area; development of interpersonal and professional skills in the workplace; the opportunity to evaluate academic theory versus practice; and increased understanding of potential jobs and career opportunities.

MaxAB's Tech Internship Program is designed to provide interns with extensive hands-on experience while working on MaxAB's main Backend projects which include:

  • Working closely with Product and testers on issues related business requirements.
  • Working closely with the development team when necessary to create scalable, high quality software. .
  • Working closely with peers in the business to fully understand the business process and requirements.
  • Be part of the development overall architecture of the back-end application including microservices architecture, devOps, docker and search engines.
  • Ensuring that tasks are accurately estimated and delivered according to delivery schedule.

What we look for:

  • Bachelor's study in CS or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience in software development, including experience in one of the following languages Java, Nodejs or golang.
  • Linux commands knowledge is a must.
  • OOP knowledge is a must.
  • Good knowledge in SQL databases.
  • Familiarity with Front-End MVC frameworks like (Angular or React).
  • A quick learner, a self-starter, able to work independently.